Carlton Trainingsshirt

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Carlton Trainingsshirt

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De volgende maten zijn nog leverbaar in het geel: XS, S, XL en XXL De volgende maten zijn nog leverbaar in het oranje: XS, M en XXL OP = OP !!! The new Aeroflow series fetures cutting edge performance fabric engineering. Developed in conjunction with our elite players, the Aeroflow series utilises the latest moisture transport system in the form of Coolfresh technology. This ensure moisture is absorbed away from the body whilst still allowing the skin to breathe. With vibrant colour optionsm this clothing range will ensure you stay cool under the most extreme playing conditions. CoolFresh fabric engineering synergises 2 system to create the optimum enviroment for superior play. The absorption system drives moisture away from the skin ensuring the body remains cool even in the most arduous conditions whilst the evaporation system expels moisture into the atmosphere preventing build up of excess fuilds and enhancing ventilation performance.

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