Dunlop Revo-Star Drive 81

Dunlop Revo-Star Drive 81

K-Swiss Hypercourt Polo II Wit

K-Swiss Hypercourt Polo II Wit

UNI-DAMP Hydro Box Type 64-2

This is the smallest box of UNI-DAMP hydro boxes. The dimensions are 54 x 60 x 115 cm. You can store a maximum of 64 dozen of shuttlecocks in the hydro box. This fits an annual consumption of 100-250 dozen of shuttles.

There are 2 separate, lockable sections. The hygro-boxes are equipped with an electronic moisture control system with digital reading of the desired and actual relative humidity, and operating status.

The box doors are fitted with handles with a lock and come standard with 4 keys. The cabinets are sectioned, and can be locked individually with padlocks (optional). The number of sections depends on the model/size.

These are the reasons why you should choose the UNI-DAMP hygro-box:
• Shuttlecocks last 50 – 80 % longer.
• The club can reduce the purchasing of shuttlecocks with 25 to 40%.
• The savings ensures a rapid return on investment.
• Shuttlecocks with the right humidity and weight create better play and enhanced play.
• The Hygro-Box is easy to operate, maintain and have a very low energy consumption (avg. 0.36 kW per day).

See images and text below for more detailed info. The price includes shipment in Europe.

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€ 2.925,00
Incl. BTW
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Optimal storage of shuttlecocks: - Better economy & more satisfied players

TAKE CARE OF SHUTTLECOCKS: – they make the difference!

Shuttlecocks are natural products that requires proper storage, in order to maintain best conditions for operating ability and durability. If shuttlecocks do not contain the right humidity, they will lose their flexibility, elasticity - and especially speed. Feathers dried out, will become brittle and break easily. The right moisture of the shuttlecocks ensures correct speed, and increases the durability significantly.

It takes more than a “sporadic drop of steam”! The effect of the high level of humidity is obtained at a constant and stable high humidity during the storage of the shuttlecocks. Hereby, the moisture penetrates into the straw and feather, to give the desired flexibility and durability. ”Steaming” of the shuttlecocks over boiling water before use, provides too much moisture on the outside of the feather and you may risk making it slower and unstable. However, and even more important, you do not get the necessary durability, as it takes longer for the moisture to fully get into the straw and feathers. The optimum storage life is obtained after 2 to 3 weeks of storage in the hygro-box.

Save money on the purchase of shuttlecocks. Purchase of shuttlecocks is a huge part of the budget in most badminton clubs. The right storing of the shuttlecocks can save a lot of money. With a proven lifetime increase of 50 to 80%, it means that you can expect a reduction in the purchase of shuttlecocks at about 25-40%. With a box customized for the individual club’s needs, the investment will normally have a payback time of a maximum of 1 - 2 years!

Better badminton and enhanced play. The effect of proper storage of shuttlecocks are not only a question of saving money. With proper humidity and weight of the shuttlecocks, you also have an optimization of movement and speed. At the same time, the increased durability causes that the shuttlecocks ”wear out”, which means that you can play with shuttlecocks moving something close to optimally the entire shuttlecocks lifetime. No more or less destroyed shuttlecocks, before discarding.

Facts about UNI-DAMP hygro-boxes. We offer UNIDAMP hygro-boxes in various sizes to suit each club’s individual needs. Inside the cabinets are fitted with wire mesh to secure moist air to circulate freely. This ensures all Shuttlecocks to be humidified equal, regardless of location. All equipment in the cabinets are of course made of stainless steel to withstand the humid environment. The hygro-boxes are divided into sections and a padlock can lock each section separately. Each division in the club can thus get its own section in the box, and keep track of their own consumption of Shuttlecocks.

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